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Energy Efficiency

Smart Savings

Smart Savings

What it means?

The Energy Efficiency service aims to develop engineering actions aimed at reducing consumption and, consequently, cost.

How can we help you today?

CEOS has an online energy monitoring system that provides instantaneous data for better energy management and more efficient stock management.

The monitoring system is fundamental for the development of energy efficiency actions.

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What we do

1. Elaboration of energy pre-diagnosis and energy efficiency potentials.

2. Interface with the concessionaires, promoting tariff adjustment of the energy supply contract, and defining the optimal point of demand.

3. Monitoring of energy consumption through the installation of energy management equipment (via the web).

4. Elaboration of a report containing energy diagnosis, identifying energy efficiency potentials, necessary investments, economic viability and payback.

5. Conducting awareness lectures on rational energy consumption.

6. Realization of sectorial works for energy management in industrial plants.

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Energy Efficiency Triangle

A – Monitoring: installation of energy management software, via the web, in real time

B – Process: personalized diagnosis for the company, identifying the possibilities of efficiency in the business.

C – Culture: implementation of a program focused on team awareness for energy efficiency actions in the company.

More than R$ 70 million in savings

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